Trove Series ( leaves that are green turn to brown)
Trove Series (mothra)
Birmingham, AL (1393)
Birmingham, AL (space for writing)
Lake Martin, AL (god moving over)
Plant City, FL (ease my worried mind
Trove Series Cicada (study#1)
Trove Series #1036 (they will lead us to light)
Birmingham, AL (185)
Birmingham, AL (protect)
Tampa, Florida (anticipated moment)
Lake Manatee, FL (her friend)
Jacksonville, AL (our house)
The Tourist Series (Glory)
The Tourist Series (attempts)
The Tourist Series (blue notes to myself)
The Tourist Series (dedication)
TheTourist Series (draft)
The Tourist series (gracious friends)
The Tourist Series (alchemist)
Lincoln, AL (M is for)
Lincoln, AL (he doesn't)
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